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How Online Training changed my life…

Posted on 03 June 2015

First of all I would like to say HELLO to all of you! Many of you won’t be familiar with exactly what “Online Training” actually is, so I wanted to share my story.

I have always been into fitness since I was young as I was a squash player growing up; however I always struggled with my weight. I was doing lots of cardio and thought I was eating well, but was simply not seeing the results I wanted. I then decided to enter my first “Bikini Bodybuilding” show in 2013 because I had seen how amazing these girls looked and wanted to give myself a goal (If you haven’t realised… I LOVE a challenge!)

The first thing I needed to do was to hire a coach and if any of you are familiar with the bodybuilding world, most coaches are Online. I was given a nutrition plan and exercise programme to begin my journey and off I went. I spoke regularly with my coach via email and I updated her with progress photos and weight changes weekly which in turn allowed her to update my programme and make changes as necessary. I entered the world of “Online Training”.

There are a huge number of benefits to online training that I found, including the fact that it is cheaper than having personal training sessions, I can hold myself responsible and take control, It is an easy method of having guidance and truly empowering.

This worked really well for me and I absolutely loved my journey, however I did find loop holes in the service I received. In addition to my fitness career, my business consulting background specialises in Customer Experience. Therefore I have built my own business model which places the customer at the centre.

Having a plan and someone supporting me changed the way I trained hugely. I felt motivated and encouraged to keep going and mixing up my training made it more enjoyable. In terms of the nutrition, I learnt the best foods and combinations to truly get results. I had someone to help me in my progress and this was key for me as I am sure many of you feel that you are alone in your journey – well you are not!

From then I have continued to learn, research and experiment to bring you the best programme possible. This Online model is not used much commercially but is a great way to stay on track in an affordable way.

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